Camille Napier

"As a high school English teacher in Natick, MA, I was continually faced with my students' misconception that all Kentuckians are rednecks. In the summer of 2002, I went to the Brockton (MA) Fair with my camera to document that the hick genus crosses regional boundaries. What I found in the people was a refreshing lack of irony and self-consciousness. The demolition derby and the pig races and the baby contests were enjoyed without apology or fraudulent disdain."

"I spent twelve hours there- from noon to midnight. The colors and shapes of the fair caught my attention. They seemed sinister and aggressive, jarring sounds and angles. On the 12 rolls I shot, I came away with several recurring themes: these gaudy colors, cartoonish images turned menacing, and images of weary adults weighed down by their children's tawdry loot."

-- Camille Napier

Camille Napier has returned to Kentucky for a little while, and she is eagerly awaiting the first week of April, when she can plant her tomatoes— a full two months ahead of her Northeast garden schedule.

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(all images, Camille Napier © 2002)