James Siegel


"My work is a reflection of the way in which I see the world. Colors, textures and patterns are my main subjects. I compose abstract images from detailed sections of objects which people often don't notice. I am interested in the way that objects take on a different life when viewed extremely close up, sometimes becoming unrecognizable. By changing the context in which familiar objects are seen, they can become studies of color and texture. In printing, I sometimes manipulate the colors to create further abstractions. My work is often presented in collage form, with a large panel of small prints mounted flush to one another in a grid. It is not important to me whether or not the images are recognizable as familiar objects. My aim is to draw attention to the beauty in the everyday, and to create abstractions from concrete forms."
-- James Siegel

James Siegel was born in 1974 in Massachusetts and has remained there since. He finished an undergraduate program in Art at the University of Massachusetts, Boston in 1996. Since that time he has been building a cohesive body of abstract photography, and has played drums in several musical projects. He rents a studio space in The Distillery building in South Boston, Mass, where he participated in South Boston Open Studios in November, 2002. His agent is a frog, who doubles as a soap dispenser and is usually in a very agreeable mood. Please contact him at ringsetk@yahoo.com.

(all images, James Siegel © 2002)